It’s been two years since the hit drama series ‘Halik’ graced our television but the unforgettable scenes and drama that has unfolded still lingers to fans to this day. Much so to one of its characters, Yam Concepcion.

Yam who played as Jade in the series recently posted a video on her Youtube channel. The video is 19-minutes long and made from various clips of her time with the cast and production crew. The video showed behind the scenes and light-hearted moments the cast and crew shared opposite of the show’s drama-filled episodes.

One clip in the video showed how loved the show and Yam, despite how infuriating her character, was by the viewers.

During the course of ‘Halik’, the actress was praised for her outstanding performance. She was even awarded at the Philippine Social Media Awards the Trending Actress award. It also opened the actress to further acting opportunities.

Currently, Yam is set to star in another new television series with Gerald Anderson and JM De Guzman.

See how much fun the actress had during ‘Halik’, watch the full vlog here:

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