Xian Lim’s House Tour: Almost 1M Views Na!


Xian Lim is one of the celebrities who recently welcomed fans into his home by showing them around through a vlog. He made a vlog that showcased a classic but cozy house, which Xian shares was built in the early 80s. He bought the house 10 years ago.

The star shows fans around the common areas of his home, starting with the living room – which he says is his favorite area in the house.

He shares, “As you can see, mahilig ako sa mga rock formations and parang mga natural stones”, as he shows off his onyx table that took about a month to make.

He also shows off his couch, which he says was one of the first things he bought upon moving in. We think a lot os us can relate with Xian who said that as soon as he bought his house, he got really excited to buy furniture and things for the place.

He says he wants to keep the place as homey as possible for guests, in a way that they won’t feel shy to make themselves at home.

Xian also mentioned in the vlog that he lives with two very important women in his life – his mom and grandmother.

Other areas that Xian Lim showed in his house tour are his attic, balcony overlooking the pool, gym, and entertainment room.

You can watch the house tour below:


To date, Xian Lim’s house tour video already passed 900,000 views and is well on its way to one million!

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