Why Andi Eigenmann Keeps a Journal


Andi Eigenmann has become one of the names people look up to when it comes to having a healthy and mindful lifestyle. Recently, she shared some habits she has picked up throughout her life that she feels has made her life so much better.

One of which, she revealed, is keeping a journal.

Lifted from The Happy Islanders Vlog

Mock teenage girls all you want, but journaling can actually be pretty helpful in understanding ourselves. The actress shares, “Journaling really is a form of meditation for me. It’s really therapeutic.”


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She mentioned we haven’t taken photos like this (and with just us two), in quite a while. So we immediately got back into it!

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While the mom of two (soon to be three) loves spending time with her kids, she mentioned that journaling has become her “me time” since it has been a good outlet for things she has been struggling with.

For Andi, it’s not just a way to release her creative juices and list down the things she wants to do, but it has become a way of self reflection as well. She says she gets to check up on how her life is going and how she’s feeling.

“It really, really helps,” Andi says.

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