If you’ve watched the #UnforgettableOfficialTrailer, you could tell that there’s magic between Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and her co-star Milo. The charming duo has been the talk of the town ever since the movie Unforgettable’s release was officially announced to the public…and the buzz exists for a reason. And that is because both are just amazingly talented. 


During the Unforgettable Dog Fashion Show held last Sunday at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, celebrity dog Milo, along with trainer Tristan Huertas, wowed the crowd with a performance that proved that clearly, Milo is one smart dog. The crowd just can’t help but follow Milo’s graceful movements. The way he understands and obeys his trainer is so endearing. It’s as if they were actually speaking in one language. 


Not only is he smart, Milo’s got a charming personality, too. Not to mention a warm smile.


Just like her co-star, Sarah G continued to dazzle the event with her powerful storytelling. Singing two songs from the movie’s OST, she gave a heartwarming performance that captured the spirit of the new film’s story.  It even came to a point when some of the fans just lowered their phones and took the words and the melody to heart. 



Instagram/ sarahgeronimoshots

There’s a reason why the universe put Sarah G and Milo together in one project. Maybe it’s because both are incredible performers. Maybe it’s because both have warm personalities. Whatever  it is, there’s no denying that their upcoming movie will surely touch our hearts very soon.

Instagram/ sarahgeronimoshots

Unforgettable will be showing in cinemas nationwide this October 23.


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