Yam Concepcion is undeniably one of the most talented actresses in the Philippine entertainment industry at present, and she was recently recognized for her portrayal in the hit drama series “Halik”!

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Yam portrays the character of Jade who cheats on her husband Lino (Jericho Rosales) to be with a much wealthier man Ace (Sam Milby). She is proven to be a very effective actress as a lot of the viewers are infuriated by her character.

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Aside from the continuous support that “Halik” has been receiving, Yam was also recently recognized for her portrayal of Jade after she won as Trending Actress in this year’s Philippine Social Media Awards!

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Yam was overjoyed by her latest accomplishment, and she expressed her gratitude via an Instagram post saying:

“I am delighted and very grateful to have been awarded “Star achiever as Trending Actress (Halik Teleserye) 2018” by the Philippine Social Media Awards. Thank you for this recognition. Buti nalang nag put-a-red gown ako tonight! #HatersgonnaHate x, Jade”

On that note, here’s Yam looking ever so beautiful during the awards night!


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