Admit it or not, most Filipinos are fond of watching stories about finding love and reaching for a dream. Music is also a huge part of our everyday life. Even if we are not an amazing singer or a dancer, once a familiar song comes on, we cannot help but jive to it.

Combine all of those and we give you the most epic dance movie of the year, “Indak,” starring Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre, and total performer, Sam Concepcion.

It is about a simple island girl named Jen (Nadine), who loves dancing, but never showed her true talent to anyone. A video of her dancing went viral online and Vin (Sam), leader of “Indak Pinas” invites Jen to come to Manila and join them.

In Manila, Vin helps out Jen in improving her dancing, as well as adjusting living in the city. The two not only find their groove, but also slowly fall for each other.

“Indak” is not your typical dance movie. The beautiful narrative, amazing choreography, and great soundtrack, given with a touch of Filipino culture and values, sets it apart from other films of the same genre.

“It has the Filipino flavor. ‘Indak’ reflects dancing from the heart. Yung soundtrack nito is amazing for a number of reasons. These are collaborations and hard work talaga,” movie musical director, Johan Garcia said.

According to “Indak” director Paul Basinillo, it is vital that the songs incorporated in the movie are in sync with the overall narrative.

The original movie soundtrack is comprised of “Sumayaw Sa Indak” by Nadine Lustre featuring Pio Balbuena and Shehyee, Sam Concepcion’s soulful version of “Ikot-Ikot” and Janine Teñoso’s heart-wrenching version of “Hindi Tayo Pwede.”

“The songs kasi are very important kasi it has to make the audience feel a certain way. It has to make us feel also a type of way for us to be able to translate them emotion through dance,” the multi-awarded actress stated.

Music Producer Civ Fontanilla revealed that it took them about a year to assemble everything from the conceptualization, research, production, and revisions.

Other tracks featured in the movie are “Sabay Sa Bayle” by Thyro and Yumi, “Let’s Get Lost Tonight” by Julian Trono featuring Pio Balbuena, “Take Off” by Just Hush, “Cebuana” by Karencitta, and “Triangulo” by Nadine, Sam, and Nicole Omillo.

“It’s something you’d remember. There’s something attached to the music, lalo na if yung movie mo ay nakabase sa music at sa sayaw,” the musical director added. Watch the full story here!

Have you seen the “Indak” trailer? Here you go!

INDAK Trailer [Nadine Lustre and Sam Concepcion] – COMING SOON

Umindak, gumalaw, at sumayaw!The stage is set for the most epic dance movie of the year, INDAK! Starring the total performer, Sam Concepcion and the Multimedia Princess, Nadine Lustre! #IndakTrailerIN CINEMAS AUGUST 7!

Posted by Nadine Lustre on Friday, June 7, 2019

Dance to the beat of your dreams as “Indak” hits cinemas nationwide on August 7. For more exclusive updates, click here!



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