We are cursed with distance. Being far away from our loved ones is a reality we must face in a world where some circumstances do not favor everyone. We suffer patiently and wait for the next time we are able to hold them again. It’s difficult, but for each passing day we endure, we become much more sure of the love we give.


“Saglit Na Lang,” one of the songs from the Unforgettable Original Soundtrack written by Thyro and Yumi, captures the sweet experiences of longing and waiting. It echoes the thoughts of someone far away giving gentle comfort to a loved one. 

The lyrics were magically interpreted by Sarah Geronimo who is known for bringing her heart to all her performances.  If you’ve already watched Unforgettable, this song should take you back to the character of Jasmine and how much love and kindness she has in her heart for her Lola Olive, Happy and all the other people around her – strangers or otherwise.


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The music video also gave us a heartwarming experience through the movie’s behind-the-scenes. It gave us a glimpse of how much the cast and the staff enjoyed each other’s company. It’s refreshing to see how the chemistry they all have in real life transcends the screen through their respective characters.



A new lullaby that hits close to home, “Saglit Na Lang” is a song that would make you feel emotions deeply held within. 

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Unforgettable is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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