Andi Eigenmann is one of the most talented actresses in the Philippine entertainment industry at present. However, she decided to leave the glamorous celebrity lifestyle and opted for a simple life in the beautiful town of Baler in Aurora.


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Andi gave up all of her luxurious bags, shoes, clothes, and even cars, and she also doesn’t have a housekeeper or driver to assist her. She is now living her daily life surfing the majestic waves of Baler and basking in the sun, sea and sand.

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Despite residing in Baler, Andi didn’t completely leave the showbiz industry behind as she has a series on Viva TV’s YouTube channel called “Taralets” wherein she travels and explores different destinations.

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Andi also has an upcoming horror film entitled “All Souls Night,” which will be showing in cinemas on October 31, just in time for the Halloween season!


Speaking of which, here are some behind-the-scenes photos from “All Souls Night,” as well as the exclusive footage!


Here’s a scene wherein Andi’s character overheard something mysterious!


The actress was rehearsing some of her lines in this photo.


And this is the behind-the-scenes of one of the jump scare scenes from the movie trailer.



Watch the exclusive footage here!



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