Vice-Ion’s 2nd Anniversary is a Real Life Fairytale

The Anniversary of Vice Ganda and Ion Perez will make you say, #SanaAll.


It’s always a pleasure watching the Vice-Ion couple. For one, because their love story will give you #kiligvibes, but also because the two always crack us up with their jokes and antics.

The two recently posted an anniversary video on the Vice Ganda Network – and it is a definite must-see! (We swear, it will make you feel things!) This is why we rounded up some of our favorite fairytale moments from their little celebration.

  1. They had an entire theme park all to themselves 

The two headed to the popular theme park, Enchanted Kingdom (that shared their anniversary with Vice-Ion), and the place was closed down just for them. If that’s not sweet, we don’t know what is!

But of course, they followed health and safety protocols, ensuring the safety of everyone involved in the excursion.

2. They rode horses together

Okay, maybe not actual horses – but you have to admit it’s a sweet moment. The way Vice and Ion make jokes about each other without getting upset (or tampo) is a total mood! They say some of the best love stories are grounded on friendship and we think these two has got it figured out.

Here’s one of the jokes we loved from the vlog:

“Kailangan mo mameet yung pamilya ko. Baka naman malito ka pa,” Vice says as she brings Ion to the carousel, that she says is her favorite ride in the park.

To which Ion had the perfect response, “Nag-iisa lang ang ganda mo eh.” Then, shortly after called one of the horses on the carousel, “babe.”

3. Friends joined in the celebration

If this was a movie (and let’s be honest, it might as well be), this would be the montage part of the good and light moments. What a dream it is to be able to share your special day with your closest friends.

4. Dinner on top of the ferris wheel

It’s always heartwarming when Vice fondly remembers her journey to becoming one of the most loved celebrities of this time. While having dinner on top of the ferris wheel, she shares how grateful to be able to experience moments like this – one that before, she would only get to watch in movies.

The two had a heart-to-heart talk there as well, where they look back on how their relationship started. They shared that at first they were hesitant to share their love to the world because they didn’t know how the people would react, but eventually, as loves of this intensity go, they decided to stop caring about what other people would think – a move that is so important because it was a step towards hope and acceptance for other LGBTQ couples as well.

5. There was music (and singing) involved

Like the true princess, Vice Ganda, is – she decided to surprise Ion with a song that would immortalize their love. She wrote down her feelings and turned it into a song (with the help of her friend and singer/songwriter Moira Dela Torre)

Vice told Ion as they were watching the video, “Tumanda man tayo, mawala man tayo, hindi mawawala ang kuwento natin kasi patuloy na maririnig ang kuwento na ‘yon sa pamamagitan ng kanta. Hangga’t may isang taong magpapatugtog ng kanta na ‘yon.”

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