2020 is a year of virtual Sarah G performances, as seen on social media and television. As the year ends, let’s look back on both live and virtual numbers that made a mark for fans everywhere.

10. Sarah covers Billy Eilish songs

The star performed “My Future,” “I Don’t Wanna Be You Anymore,” and “Bad Guy,”

9. Sarah G and Iñigo Pascual sing and dance to BTS’ ‘Dynamite’

Watch the two move and groove to the biggest boyband’s Grammy nominee song.

8. Sarah G sings and dances with G-Force

Her talent in both singing and nailing every dance move is the reason why Sarah G is a true popstar package. And in this performance, she nailed every note and a back-breaking step!

7. Sarah G performs ‘Tala’ on Unified

As part of her solo stage on their Valentine’s concert with ‘Asia’s Songbird’ Regine Velasquez, Sarah has once more performed ‘Tala’ live. This concer is one of the last live performance of the star before the pandemic

6. Sarah G sings Harry Styles’ ‘Watermelon Sugar’

The start of her green screen performances, Sarah G showcases her versatile voice for this young and hip song. The sing covers trends on Twitter!

5. #AshBoo sings Sweet Dreams and 7 Nation Army

A rocking collab stage with Bamboo, the two top tier singers showed her edgy side in this performance.

4. #AshBoo heartfelt cover of ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’

Netizens and even Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano, felt the sincere message of this song in this collab performance.


3. Sarah G’s birthday performance

The Popstar Royalty goes all-out singing and dancing to some of the internet’s trending songs.

2. The Guidecellis serenades fans in an online concert

One of the few performances they share, husband-wife Matteo and Sarah G sang love songs for their fans and each other.

1. Sarah G’s sings ‘Misteryo,’ ‘Duyan,’ and ‘Kilometro’

Reminding fans of her concert-level performances, Sarah sang emotional versions of some of her hits.

If you could come-up with your Top 10 Sarah G performances this year, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below!

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