#Throwback to Anne Curtis-Smith Heussaff’s Earlier Days in Showbiz


With the quarantine giving people more time to binge-watch new shows, it has also given fans time to look back at old tv shows and movies that helped pave the way for their favorite stars today.

Recently, fans have been sharing screenshots and clips, remembering when Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff was still a child star. While we all know her name today, her rise to fame started when she was much younger, but even then, she well-loved.

Here are a couple of clips retweeted by Anne, that you may want to check out:

Truly a kid from the ’90s, Anne shares this cute clip of her from TGIS. Don’t forget to play with audio so you can hear her cute bb girl voice. It looks like even Anne was surprised at how “nene” she looked.

A couple of years back, she also posted a throwback of her cast mates, sharing how it was a wonderful era for them. (You can see photo here)

She wasn’t a child in this one anymore, but fans still sent it to her as a throwback. This was from her show, Dyosa, which aired around 2008. Let’s be honest though, Anne continues to be the “diyosa” (goddess) that she is, even to this day!

And of course, who can forget – Anne playing Princess Dahlia in Magic Kingdom (1997). She retweets this, saying “And now I have my own little Princess Dahlia”.

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