Not just a singer with impressive vocals, Sarah Geronimo or “Sarah G” to the local media, is also an outstanding actress. Since the 90s the singer/actress has starred in various television shows and movies. She was even an extra, one of Sarah’s classmate in the 1994 film “Sarah Ang Munting Prinsesa”. Impressive how it turned out right?

Over the years, Sarah in the film industry was known for her iconic roles as a leading lady in romance movies. From a DJ, charming editorial assitant, aspiring musician, and many more. With the many roles she played we summed up 5 of her most unforgettable roles we have known and loved. Take a look:

Lyda Magtalas from a Very Special Love (film series)

All throughout the A Very Special Love (2008), You Changed My Life (2009), and It Take a Man and a Woman (2013) Sarah played Lyda Magtalas. Kind, hardworking, and charming Lyda is determined to make ends meet especially in work. Even if it takes a little rain dance to make the rain stop.

Feliza “Fely” Malabaño from Miss Granny

Sarah played the younger version of Fely. Fely was loving to her children and her grandchildren. Despite her indifference, Fely cares deeply about them. Fely is also headstrong and speaks out her mind especially if your rock-genre music is what you want her to try.

Jasmine from Unforgettable

Socially awkward, Jasmine’s innocence brought her and a stray dog closer than anyone could ever be in Jasmine’s life. Her charm and trusting nature made us believe an innocent persona can be a heroine too.

Trixie David from The Breakup Playlist

An aspiring musician rather than a lawyer, Trixie David has strong convictions on doing what she wants and loves. She also speaks up especially if the situation is already hurting her.

DJ Heidee from Won’t Last a Day Without U

A radio DJ personality, DJ Heidee is witty, talkative and an expert on giving love advice. However she’s bitter when dealing with men. The hard part? Once she did fall in love she becomes unwilling to take a chance.

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