Popstar Royalty Sarah G has experienced a lot of firsts for her successful “TALA: The Film Concert”.

It was her first online concert, her first solo concert after a year, her first concert after almost a year off-stage, her first concert after she got married, and probably the best of all, the first concert where she was wholly in control.

The staff, crew, and even the key persons for ‘Tala’ commended how hands-on she was.

She spoke her mind to her Musical Director Louie Ocampo and insisted on what she wants.

“And I really like that. You know coming from her, It’s so nice when she speaks her mind, you get to hear what’s in her soul and in her heart. That’s the Sarah now.”

And on her own, like her hit song, Sarah shined the brightest.

Casual viewers, celebs, and especially fans commended how ‘Tala Concert’ reflects how Sarah G works as an artist—ever-evolving.

It reflected her inner self, one she usually wanted to keep apart from her Popstar Royalty persona; she loved her songs—be it may a hit or not— and she want to try new things.

It also reflected the love she has for her pets, Matteo, and her parents.

In essence, “TALA: The Film Concert” goes beyond a big entertainment event, it’s Sarah’s love language to her fans and the people who personally know her. It’s a piece of Sarah she can proudly—and finally—call hers.

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