Sa nilabas na listahan ng CNN Philippines noong December 2019, nasungkit ni Asia’s Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo ang number one spot sa 10 best Filipino songs of the 2010s!


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Ang 2016 hit turned phenomenal dance craze ni Sarah G na ‘Tala’ ang nanguna sa listahan!


Here why ‘Tala’ won the top spot:

“When “Tala” first arrived in the summer of 2015, its impact isn’t as immediate as Sarah Geronimo’s groundbreaking hits “Kilometro,” “Tayo,” and “Ikot-ikot.” On first few listens, the song sounded like an attempt to ride the coattails of tropical house — a short-lived dance music genre that traded EDM’s thumping bombast for a warmer, Caribbean-inspired motif in the vein of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Major Lazer’s “Lean On.”

But its appeal grew as months passed. It made one appreciate how the tribal beats and island rhythms blend fabulously with Jumbo de Belen and Alisson Shore’s shiny, modern pop production. There’s effortless grace in the mix, but there’s also a generous serving of camp and sass — qualities that help made it become a great queer anthem.

A year or two after its official release, “Tala” found its home in the vanguards of cult worship. It became a club sensation, eventually bringing joy to gay night life and greeting everyone’s presence with an ecstatic entrance. Every time the DJ dropped the banger on Today x Future, Nectar, O Bar, or any queer-friendly space, people congregated the dance floor and crawled back for more. They seemed to recognize euphoria and escape on the first few bars of the track. And as it progressed, hundreds of sweaty bodies imitate the music video’s choreography and take part in the production number made entirely of strangers and friends.

The song eventually went viral in 2019, going to as far as inspiring young LGBTs to revolt against the “tyranny” of Aleng Nelia for their right to play volleyball in the barangay. It became bigger and more culturally relevant than ever, providing positivity against a backdrop of chaotic present. At these certain moments, “Tala” opens the gate so that we could all at once celebrate our version of freedom — free from homophobia and discrimination, a world that demands you to dance like no one’s watching.” 

Pasok din sa Top 10 list ang 2014 single at isa ring dance hit na ‘Kilometro’ written by Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana!


Here is what they have to say about ‘Kilometro’ earning the eight spot on the list:

“With “Kilometro,” Sarah Geronimo managed to defy expectations with a game-changing smash composed and produced by Thyro and Yumi. The song was also the beginning of a new Sarah G: a feisty pop persona that takes control of decision matters — from who to work with and what kind of music to create in the production lab. This sudden change of ownership yielded several top 40 classics that avoid any notion of mediocrity, from the Caribbean-tinged “Tala” to ‘80s synth pop knockout “Sandata.” It’s impossible not to celebrate her newfound success, both on commercial and artistic merits. Credit “Kilometro” for a transition to an adult pop star that knows how to break new grounds and leave fans with something new every era and release.”


Kabilang naman sa Honorable Mentions si Goddess of the Dance Floor Donnalyn Bartolome with her 2014 hit “Kakaibabe”:


Congratulations to Asia’s Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and Goddess of the Dance Floor Donnalyn Bartolome for this recognition! We are so proud of you!

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