It has been 6 years since Asia’s Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo, released ‘Tala’ but since then this song has done more than it was supposed to do. From a nationwide dance craze to an award-winning song—even to this day!

In case you didn’t know, ‘Tala’ is the winner of the Worldvision 2020 Music Contest. It earned 222 points and 50,298 total votes and emerged on the top from 118 countries! Songs from Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Sweden, Mongolia, Albania, Puerto Rico, Uganda, and Latvia followed in the top 10 list respectively.

Based on Eurovision Song Contest, Worldvision Music Contest aims to introduce and represent songs from all over the world. The contest includes both new songs to old but gold hits!

Produced by Viva Records, ‘Tala’ is written by Nica Del Rosario and Emmanuel Sambayan. The song was part of Sarah G’s ‘The Great Unknown’ album released in 2015.

‘Tala’ became a viral sensation back in late 2019 thanks to a known drag queen and Sarah G impersonator, Bench Hipolito.

As of date, the official music video of ‘Tala’ has already garnered 166 million views on Youtube.

To this day, the song is living up to its name, a true star!

While you’re here, you might want to listen and check out the official music video of ‘Tala’

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