Sabu used to work in the corporate world, and she is now a full-time artist under Viva Records. Her passion for music rooted from being raised in a religious and musically-inclined family.


Another thing to know about Sabu besides her musical talent, is her strength as a cancer survivor. Sabu was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at a young age, but she was able to overcome it.

After surviving cancer, a realization has dawned on her. “I just really feel like music and writing songs is just my way of really thanking God for this chance,” Sabu stated.

She is still on the journey to knowing who she truly is as a person and an artist, and what her music is all about, but there is something about her songs that will bring positivity to the listeners.

According to the singer-songwriter, “I feel like if there’s one thing about my songs, is that I vowed that it would never end without hope…”

Sabu started out in the indie scene, and now she is making her way through the mainstream music industry! Her single entitled “Pikit” is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and all digital music stores, so go and have a listen to her mellow voice!

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