Sarah G. Hits Through the Years


Sarah Geronimo’s song ‘Tala’ continues to be the most viewed OPM music video, recently reaching 160 million views (See: Sarah G’s ‘Tala’ Reaches 160M Views)

However, we have to remember that her discography is composed of over a decade of platinum, double-platinum, and diamond hits – most of which are hits we sang and danced to at some point in our lives.

Her much-deserved title of Asia’s Popstar Royalty came from years of giving fans songs that mark a particular time in their lives – and in Sarah’s. And for most of us, we grew up captivated by her works in film, television, and especially music.

Here are some of our favorite pop classics from Sarah G throughout the years. We bet you still know the words!

1. Sa Iyo (2004)

Before she cemented her name in the industry, Sarah joined a talent search called “Star for a Night” in the hopes of being able to help support her family. Little did she know, it would change her life forever. She didn’t just bag the cash prize but also contract with Viva Entertainment that opened up more opportunities for this star to shine!

Sa Iyo was one of her earlier hits from her debut album, Popstar: A Dream Come True. This won ‘Best Dance Song’ in the 2004 Awit Awards. Watch the video below and feel the nostalgia kick in. (Bonus #Popster points if you still remember the steps!)


2. Forever’s Not Enough (2003)

Who could forget this song that would eventually become a talent show (and videoke) staple? Forever’s Not Enough was one of the earlier singles released from the same album, Popstar: A Dream Come True. This song brought out the versatility in Sarah’s voice, and helped her rise to fame in the years that came after.


3. How Could You Say You Love Me (2004)

As soon as Sarah started singing, there was no stopping her! She released a second album in 2004, entitled Sweet Sixteen, which included this timeless classic. This marked the era of Sarah Geronimo serenading us through our break ups and heartbreaks during the early 2000s.


4. Sino Nga Ba Siya? (2011)

While she continued to make tracks that would define generations, this single from her album One Heart reminds us that we don’t have to go through heart breaks alone – we always have Sarah G’s songs to accompany us.

Sino Nga Ba Siya was awarded ‘Most Downloaded Song’ during the 25th Awit Awards.


5. Ikot-ikot (2013)

This song from her album, Expressions, is remarkable because it was a commemoration of her 25th birthday and 10th anniversary in the industry. Some even say this was the time when Sarah began gaining more creative control over her works. In Ikot-ikot, the Asian Popstar Royalty gives us a peek into her thoughts as she embraces adulthood.


We can’t wait to see more of Asia’s Popstar Royalty as she continues to break barriers by experimenting with musical elements and genres. Catch her on The Great Unknown this October 25, 9pm on TV 5.


Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below!

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