Time really passes by so fast especially now in the Crawfords household. Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford’s son, baby Amari, is almost at four months now, and the bubbly little boy is showing more of his personality!

And no one is prouder than Coleen herself with these achievements.

In Instagram stories, the actress shared her almost 4-month old boy can now roll by himself to his belly!

He also has learned to push a button so that his toy monkey can sing.

And lastly, the little Coleen has also been allowed to pet the couple’s chihuahua, cutiepie Tamomo!


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According to Coleen, this was Amari’s reward for his eventful day.

“Amari had a big day today! He rolled to his belly unassisted for the first time, and then he just kept doing it every time I put him on his back. 😄 He also figured out that pressing the buttons on his favorite toy is what gets it to sing. So as a little treat, I finally allowed him to touch @ms.tamomo, also since his hands are not balled into fists anymore. 🥰” Coleen wrote.

The actress also shared that Amari’s first teeth is slowly appearing. She ends the post bittersweet realizing Amari is growing up too quickly.

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