Asia’s Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo is one of the few Filipino artists that has a huge and most loyal fanbase ever. Just recently her fandom better known as “Popsters”, celebrated their 17th year anniversary!


The milestone is truly a call for celebration but with the current situation, the fandom instead did a virtual party and trended #Happy17YearsPOPSTERS on Twitter.

Created by the “Popsters Official” the virtual celebration did a quiz bee that is a delight and fun for a true Popster. The fan page asked questions from the star’s very first album, Sarah’s first rescued dog, and questions that will just test your wits:


The fun quiz bee took an emotional turn as the fan page asked how Sarah G changed their lives. Answers poured in as fans from every corner of the social media platform told stories of how the star inspired them.

Topping it all of is the news of the star’s inclusion in Forbes Asia’s “100 Digital Star” list. The magazine listed Sarah because of her reach on stage, on social media, and her efforts during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

The celebration was a sucess! The #Happy17YearsPOPSTERS trended on Twitter reaching a #3 spot in local and #44 spot in worldwide trends.

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