As a Popstar Royalty, Sarah G doesn’t only play the part, but look the part as well. Kaya nga nakaka-wow ang style choices nito at hair looks!

Over the years she has tried various hairstyles. Even going from long hairdo to the shortest ones!

It definitely has brought out the fierceness Sarah G has inside of her.

But if the Popsters are in charge of the Popstar Royalty’s show-stopping looks, do you prefer her in long hair or short ones?

To help you decide here are photos that captured Sarah G’s beauty in such styles. Take a look!

Long Hair

Short Hair

It was back in 2014 when Sarah G sported, for the first time, a bob hair. Since then the Popstar Royalty has played with various hairstyles.

She also went short when she played Jasmine in “Unforgettable”.

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