Thanks to a known Italian pasta brand, actor Matteo Guidicelli got a chance to share some of their family’s pasta recipes. So, if you’re going for authentic Italian recipes these holidays, why not check it out.

1. Classic Italian Carbonara

Matteo shed light on how to make the classic and authentic Italian Carbonara. Compared to the Americanized version (as mentioned by Matteo’s father in the video), this version uses whole eggs and cheese instead of cream.

2. Penne Bolognese

A family favorite recipe, this Penne Bolognese recipe is simple, colorful, and oh so tasty! According to the actor, the dish is perfect to serve to family and guests.

3. Vongole

A dish close to Matteo’s heart because of this is his wife’s, Sarah G, favorite pasta dish! As seen on the actor’s social media platform he often serves this dish on their date nights and special occasions.

This recipe is much simpler with few ingredients and has a quick prep time!

Try to mix up this year’s handa and some of Matteo’s pasta recipes for a change!

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