Street rap vet Geo Ong tells it like it is on his new single entitled “Parokyano.” Geo takes aim and swings hard and harsh with an incisive view on racy postings on social media. Why be sensitive? He asks at some point, if you don’t like the lurid comments, then don’t post those racy pics. Mind you, that’s just paraphrasing this young and talented rapper. But you get the idea. Geo Ong tells it for real, and doesn’t feel the need to pull his punches. Lucky his brand of rap also comes with tight rhythms. You get what you see and hear with Geo. And that’s how his audience likes it.

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Facebook: /geoongmedia
Instagram: @imgeoong

Now available on all digital music platforms:

Composed by Don Angelo Ong
Published by Viva Music Publishing, Inc.
Produced by Don Angelo Ong
Arranged by JLhutz
Production House / Studio: Island Studio
Mixed by Jay-B
Mastered by Set
Recorded by JLhutz

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