Nadine Lustre is a stunning modern Filipina beauty who has conquered different areas of the entertainment industry. Also known as the Multimedia Princess, she rightfully owns this title because of her success as a Grand Slam Best Actress, a bankable recording artist, a total performer, the face of local and international brands, a fashion and beauty muse, and so much more!


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This multi-hyphenate is such a great role model when it comes to embracing one’s flaws and individuality. Nadine is known for staying true to herself and her unpredictable and fearless self-expression.

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She is her own canvas, through her fashion, glam, music, and acting career choices, we get to witness Nadine keep it real. Despite the bashing and harsh comments from people, there’s no stopping the Lady Luster from slaying!

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Nadine is able to express her creativity and personality through her make-up line “Lustrous”. Whether you want to keep your look simple and fresh or maybe you want to go full glam, the line has the essentials to achiebe your dream make-up look!

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You will soon have the chance to meet Nadine in person, as she headline’s MEGA Magazine’s first ever beauty conference! Check out the event details below:

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Nadine will be gracing the event for her perfume line “Luster” and make-up line “Lustrous”, so mark your calendars and don’t miss this opportunity to learn beauty tips from Lady Luster herself!

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