Nadine Lustre has been on her A game lately, juggling a lot of showbiz commitments. First off is being a hands-on Chief Creative Designer of her very own make-up line in collaboration with a popular Australian cosmetics brand.

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She has also been very busy with taping for her upcoming movie entitled “Ulan.” It is a coming-of-age film directed by Irene Villamor, and she has three new leading men in it, so watch out for that.

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The Multimedia Princess also has another upcoming dance musical movie entitled “Indak.” It will be directed by director Paul Basinillo, and she will be working with close friend Sam Concepcion in the said film.

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Indeed, Nadine has been on a roll with working on her back-to-back showbiz projects, however, a lot of people are wondering if she has an upcoming project with boyfriend and loveteam partner James Reid.

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“I don’t know… But for now, James has Pedro Penduko. I mean nasa Pedro Penduko din naman ako according to direk [Paul Basinillo], pero hindi pa ata nagkakausap about doon,” the Multimedia Princess stated about the matter in an interview with Push during the press conference of “Indak.”

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Despite working on separate movie projects, JaDine fans wouldn’t miss the Multimedia Couple too much as they are working together on their music, as well as performing in live shows and concerts.

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