Nadine Lustre is one of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars of this generation, and her 2018 was quite a blessed and fruitful one, both for her career and personal life!

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Actress, singer, overall performer, director, and chief creative designer, the Multimedia Princess holds all of these titles, therefore making her one of the most sought-after Multi-hyphenate artists in the industry!

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Nadine is a woman of many talents indeed, and she revealed another one in a recent Random Questions interview with Pikapika!

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The Multimedia Princess was asked about the one trait that makes her feel good about herself, and she immediately answered, “I’m good at multi-tasking. A trait that not a lot of people are good at. I’m really good at it. Five things at once, I can think about and I’m still okay.”

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Nadine had a proud smile while talking about her multi-tasking skills, which is very impressive indeed!


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