Nadine Lustre has proved project after project that her star is not dimming anytime soon. This multi-hyphenate has worked her way to the top with her admirable determination,  inspiring confidence, and authenticity that is rare in an industry like show business.

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Her modern Filipina beauty and attitude makes her an empowering role model for both male and female fans!

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Nadine conquers struggles and criticisms like a champ! She continues to remind her supporters to accept their flaws and rise up to their insecurities.


Nadine is a complete package, and more. She is a FAMAS, Urian, and YCC Best Actress recipient, a total performer, a creative designer and director, an advocate of various causes, a fashion and beauty muse, a make-up enthusiast and entrepreneur, and the list goes on.


There is no doubt that Nadine can slay in anything! After all, what can’t she do?

Click the video below and watch her put on an amazing performance for her fans during an “Ulan” mall show:

Nadine Lustre can slay anything! Agree?

Nadine Lustre can slay anything! Agree?

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