We might not be seeing Sarah G on television and films right now (take your time SG!) but her performances, concerts, and films she starred in can be binge-watched to cure your SG blues! Don’t worry, we already gathered moments from films the singer shined. Here are some of them:

Unforgettable (2019)

At 1:11 part of the trailer, an argument between Dahlia (Ara Mina) and Jasmine (Sarah Geronimo) started, but Jasmine is firm with her decision. Sarah here showed childlike emotions fit for the role.

The Breakup Playlist (2018)

Gino (Piolo Pascual) asks for Trixie’s (Sarah Geronimo) forgiveness. Trixie instead let out the anger and resentment she felt.

Miss Granny (2018)

Feliz (Sarah Geronimo) quirky character came through as she acts and sings live a part of “Kiss Me Kiss Me” in this scene!

It Takes a Man and a Woman (2013)

This montage of scenes leading to an argument between Laida (Sarah Geronimo) and Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz) showed how Laida 2.0 version is totally different from the 1.0!

Finally Found Someone (2017)

This iconic scene in the movie where Aprilyn (Sarah Geronimo) cried and became the viral ‘Chos Bride’ showed how the singer played the sweet, kind, and hopeless romantic perfectly.

You can watch some of these Sarah G starrer films by going to Vivamax. Some films are already free to watch like ‘Finally Found Someone’!

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