Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo is a CERTIFIED POPSTER!


With the recently concluded Ms. Universe Philippines, the name Rabiya Mateo has been buzzing not just our local broadsheets, but on social media as well. The beauty queen from Iloilo was crowned the winner, and will be the country’s representative to compete in the Ms. Universe pageant.



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Iloilo, this crown is for you! I still can’t believe it happened. I’m still in shock right now and I’m still trying to absorb everything. I just wanna thank all the people who had helped me in this journey. To the Mateo Family, everyone from Balasan, my classmates from BCS, St. Candida School and Iloilo Doctors’ College, co-interns from SPUI especially to Anny Yu, my bestfriends, Acel, Andrea, Mimi and Karen Alerta, my #TeamBactung, Mama Dette, Raping, Toto and Inday Meggy, to Lula family especially to Bling, Remjo and Mara, to my make up artists Benjie, Gio Forbes, Maki Gu and Migz, to my stylists Dom, Josh and Nung Ryan, designers like Sir Bo, Paul Conte, Ram Silva(ily), Mamang Jet Salcedo, John Lee, Tata Blas Pinuela, Sir JunG Candelario (The best!), Sir Andrew Bugna and Sir Sidney Eculla, thank you so so so much. For most of the projects we have, I couldn’t even pay you guys a single cent and you still helped me because you are the kindest people on Earth. I share this crown with each and every one of you! P.S. There’s still a Part 2 and 3 of my appreciation post. I wanted to make sure I would be able to mention everybody who helped me 🙂

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On Tuesday, the crowned Ms. Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo went on Showtime for a segment called Showtime Gandang Universe. This hashtag went on to be the #2 top trending topics in the Philippines, with 14K tweets.

In the show, one of the hosts asked Rabiya whether she liked music. The quick-witted beauty queen remarked, “Medyo, pero yung music walang hilig sa’kin.”

When asked about her music preferences, the beauty queen revealed, “Popster po talaga ako.” She even calls out to the Popstar Royalty jokingly saying, “Ms. Sarah G, baka po naman.”

Rabiya Mateo also revealed that her favorite Sarah G. song is Ikot-ikot.

So, there you have it! Ms. Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo, is a certified popster! We look forward to the time when the two can finally meet.

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