Love Advice from Xian Lim


In a new vlog, Xian Lim answers fan questions in a two-part video series called #AskXian. We have to admit, we got a few gems from this actor who has had his share of roles in romantic comedies in the country. You can see both parts of the series below:

One of his most recent ones is entitled “Love The Way You Lie” wherein he stars alongside Alex Gonzaga in a funny love story. This film instantly became a must-see, as soon as it was released in Netflix Philippines this year.

You have to watch the vlogs for full context but we have to say, it was not easy to choose our favorite “quotable quotes” from him. What can we say, the guy gives sound advice! But here are some takeaways that might help some lovestruck fans with their woes:

  • When asked to choose between career or love, Xian frustratedly responds that this shouldn’t even be a question when it comes to relationships. He says that understanding is important, and no one should be dictating what the other must do.

  • Xian was also asked about what he thinks of open relationships: “Why even call it a relationship?”

  • The importance of showing respect for their family was emphasized by Xian. He advises fans to observe how their partner treats people, especially their family, because it really does shed some light into the person’s true personality.

More advice on distinguishing red flags, splitting the bill, and more can be found on his Official Youtube Channel. Currently, Xian is working on a project with Kylie Versoza, but very few details have been revealed. (See a sneakpeek here: Kylie Versoza Gives Sneakpeek of New Project with Xian Lim)

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