There is no denying that Sarah Geronimo has come a long way in her career, from being a young dreamer, to now shining as one of the biggest and brightest stars in Philippine showbiz!

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For 16 years, the Popstar Royalty has consistently given utmost hard work and dedication in everything that she does, therefore earning the phenomenal fame and success that she has now.

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The journey to stardom has not been easy for Sarah G, but all of her hardships are worth it as her talent is continuously being recognized by local and international award giving bodies.

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She has also starred in several blockbuster films in the past; her most recent one being “Miss Granny,” which is said to be her best movie portrayal to date.

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Let’s not forget that the Popstar Royalty has also headlined countless of concerts, not only in the Philippines, but also in different countries all over the globe!

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Sarah shows variety in her song and dance numbers, from fun, feisty, mellow, and energetic. Speaking of which, take a look at the Popstar Royalty in one of her most fiery performances yet!


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