Bela Padilla is one of the well-known Filipina actresses of this generation, and she continues to thrive as a multi-talented star in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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Bela has done several movies and television shows in the past, and she has starred in two well-received films this year entitled “Meet Me in St. Gallen” and “The Day After Valentine’s.”

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Aside from acting, Bela has also embarked on singing, and the actress recently revealed that she will be releasing her first album soon, so stay tuned for that!

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Bela is, indeed, a woman of many talents, and there is just no stopping her as she continues to venture on new things in her career. For instance, she was recently revealed as the 2019 calendar girl of an alcoholic beverage brand.

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Bela looked absolutely stunning in all-red during the grand reveal event, and she definitely sizzled with her calendar girl performance!

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Here’s the video clip of her grand reveal as calendar girl!

You can also watch Bela’s fiery performance here!

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