Model and host, Lauren Reid shared in a recent interview the best part about being a sibling of the country’s Multimedia Prince James Reid.


As most of the Jadine fans know, James and Lauren are very close. Even though she is only his half-brother, the two grew together in Australia with their dad.

In 2016, Lauren joined her brother in show biz, and together they acquired new friends, travel together, and she has also gotten very close with James’ girlfriend, Nadine Lustre.


How is it really like being siblings with someone like James? Lauren lets us take a peek of her experiences during one of her interviews with AO MNL.


First off, she mentioned that James is a really caring brother.

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Another thing she mentioned is, as she says it, “I get all the perks of him being rich, ha ha!”

Well, for celebrities like James, it is quite obvious, but as a lot of people already know, Lauren also got her own gigs and she practically owns a spa somewhere in the island of Siargao.

“We’ll, now that I think about it, I don’t actually get money from him. I don’t gain a lot from him, like material things, I mean. Even when we were kids… he actually gained more from me! Ha ha! Okay, you can still include this one on the list, but I’d like to put it on record that I make my own monehhh, ha ha!” she quipped.


Next thing on Lauren’s list is that, he inspires her a lot.

“He was very shy when he was young. I was the more outgoing one. He’s got talent though, which inspires me. He’s a super amazing athlete, like you wouldn’t know, but he was an elite gymnast before—he can do a handstand for like an hour, ha ha! I did the same sport as him but I stopped and he was great so, yeah, inspiring!”


Lauren added that it is because of James that she got in the industry.

She said, “Career-wise, I guess he opened the doors for me to be able to get into the industry.”

And lastly, is how she was able to meet a lot of friends because of him.

She probably is talking about Nadine, Kiana Valenciano, Andrea Luis, Ivan Dorschner, and more of their common friends.

“The friends that he introduced me to have become some of the closest friends I have ’til now.”


Now we can really say, Lauren and James are #SiblingGoals!




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