Julia Barretto gave Scarlet Snow Belo a good scare


Julia Barretto recently joined the Belo household to do a cooking vlog with Dr. Vicki Belo herself. It was like a family affair, with Claudia Barretto, Scarlet Snow Belo, and Hayden Kho (right on time for the food tasting) being there as well.


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New baby sister!!! ❤️ @scarletsnowbelo

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While making the pasta and throwing in the garlic with the melted butter, the adorable Scarlet Snow had a question for her Ate Julia. Scarlet says, “Do vampires really hate garlic?”

Julia playfully responds, “They love blood. I’m a vampire. Vampire at night, zombie during the day. Right now, I’m going to turn into a vampire.”

Dr. Vicki Belo cuts the zombie and vampire banter short and shares, “You know, Ate Julia, she saw your movie, a bit of it, she had nightmares.”

“But that’s just how good an actress Ate Julia is,” Dr. Vicki Belo adds.

The curious Scarlet Snow asks, “You’re a vampire?” (Source: Dr. Vicki Belo Vlog)

The young actress starred in Block Z, a Philippine zombie film directed by Mikhail Red. She also joined the Belo Beauty family earlier this year.

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