James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s love story is definitely one for the books as it will surely make a lot of people fall in love with love!

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They started out as just an on-screen loveteam called JaDine when they were first paired together in the hit movie entitled “Diary ng Panget.”

They then developed a close friendship after working on several more projects. Eventually, the two of them became the best of friends, and even considered each other as a ‘partner in crime.’

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After years of just friendship between the two, James and Nadine realized that they mean more to each other than just as best friends, and they finally made their relationship official in 2016.

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The rest is history, as they say, and the two stars are now stronger and more in love with each other as they continue to thrive as the Multimedia Couple of Philippine showbiz!

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As it is already February, also known as the month of love, James and Nadine have an early Valentine’s Day treat for all the JaDine fans out there!

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The two of them are featured on SM Shopmag, wherein they had an in-depth interview about their relationship.

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In fact, James even revealed a first in his relationship with Nadine saying, “It is the first time for me knowing someone for years before getting into a relationship.”

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Meanwhile, Nadine added, “At least we are past that getting to know you stage, and I think this is a good foundation for a relationship.”

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There is no denying, JaDine is #RelationshipGOALS!


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