The world of entertainment can be so stressful most of the time. With tight schedules, the artists couldn’t even find time to relax and unwind.


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Being in showbiz can be so overwhelming. The cameras and people follow you but they also criticize every move you take.

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For artists to survive the industry, they should now how to handle these kinds of situation and cope with it.

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For some, they just choose to enjoy the littlest of free time they can squeeze off their schedule to travel, spend time with their love ones, or go on adventure trips together to forget or make their stress disappear even for a while.

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Your favorite stars don’t usually do it indoors. They go where the air is cleaner and the view is much more breathtaking and peaceful.

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Lauren Reid often comes along with Multimedia Couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre when they go on hiking trips. There are a lot of times where Lauren goes to the island of Siargao. She fell in love with the place to the point that she put up a business there.

Andi Eigenmann left the city and now lives in Baler, Aurora. In previous interviews, she revealed that she already considers herself as an Island Girl.

Bela Padilla doesn’t only enjoy the beaches, she also finds hiking as a way to relax and bond with her friends.

Even though he went to Canada for work, Xian Lim didn’t miss visiting the famous and stunning Banff National Park in Alberta.

Anne Curtis is currently in Africa with husband Erwan Heussaff for their “long overdue honeymoon.” They will be there for a month to also celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Multimedia Royalties James and Nadine are very adventurous couple. They had already climbed several mountains together along with their friends. We’re lucky enough to see the beautiful photos they share on their Instagram accounts.

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