Popstar Royalty Sarah G’s “TALA: The Film Concert” has truly reached the stars this time!

It proved that even after 18 years in showbiz, Sarah G is a world-class artist, A top-tier performer that can break records she set as well.

The concert showed the Popstar Royalty in a new light; a strong happily married woman in her 30s. In control of everything from her songs, clothes, and even stunts!

There’s also more to celebrate after a successful premiere in the country and around the globe but also for its recent recognition!

According to KTX.ph, Sarah G’s first-ever online concert is now the top-selling digital concert of all time in the Philippines!

It was reported before that the concert was also KTX’s best ticket seller!

Currently, “TALA: The Film Concert” audio album is a hit iTunes Philippines and around the globe.

Record after record! Congratulations, Sarah G!

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