How Andi Eigenmann Keeps Happy and Healthy


While Andi Eigenmann’s claim to fame are her movies and teleseryes (plus, she came from a long lineage of talented artists), she recently left all the glitz and glamour for a happy island life with her family.

It is easily noticeable how positively this change in lifestyle has affected her. She looks happier and healthier than ever before, and you can see her glow differently. Through her Youtube channel, Happy Islanders, she shares recipes and recommendations for living a more conscious and holistic lifestyle.

In their latest video, Andi, who is currently pregnant with her second child with partner Philmar Alipayo, shows us a glimpse of her usual day with her beloved children, Ellie and Lilo.

Andi shares with us some healthy breakfast options she and her kids enjoy. Some dishes they had were shakshouka, some hazelnut spread on wheat toast, and of course, a bowl of yogurt with granola, some raspberries, bananas, coconut flakes, and chia seeds being happily munched by Baby Lilo. (See also: Andi’s Granola Bar Recipe)

Lilo having her breakfast bowl

For lunch, Andi prepared a vegan squash pasta she likes to call “Mac & Squeesh” as well as a vegan pizza for Ellie.

Lunch Q&A game with the girls – Stevie Eigenmann, Ellie, Andi, Lilo

Lunch turned into a bonding session as the girls decided to spice things up with a Q & A game, a great way to get to know your family better.

Andi’s life may have had its ups and downs, but her life now shows us how when you’re with the people you love, you don’t need anything else. Your life will still be filled with happiness and love.

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