In part one of his fun Q&A video, the comedian—while doing barbecue—answered some of her staff’s questions including what he plans to gift her artists friends with the coming holidays ahead. In her natural element, the comedian answered with funny and witty comebacks.


According to the comedian she will gift Anne Curtis a set of diapers for baby Dahlia, a trip to Boracay for Vhong Navarro to get his skin tanned, an oven for Jhong Hilario to bake banana cakes in, deodorant for Ryan Bang, and a crucifix for Bea Alonzo “Para hindi na siya ma-ghost.” the comedian jokingly added.

One of the vlog’s highlights is Vice serious thoughts on love. He compared love to what she was currently doing in vlog, barbecuing. “Time is so uncertain. Kung kakainin ako ng barbecue, kakainin ko na siya ngayon. Kasi ‘di ko na alam kung makakain ko pa siya bukas. Parang love, I decided to love now kung iibig pa ako bukas…” Vice explained.

“I will love now, I will experience this love now.” she added.

Watch Parts 2 and 3 of Vice “Miss BBQ and A” here:

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