Yam Concepcion is one of the most talked about actresses in the Philippine entertainment industry at present, and she continues to thrive as a multi-talented artist!

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Yam is starring in the hit TV series “Halik,” and she gives life to the character of Jade, which infuriates a lot of the viewers. This just goes to show how talented and effective she is as an actress.

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In fact, she recently won the Trending Actress award in this year’s Philippine Social Media Awards for her portrayal of Jade in “Halik.” Yam is beyond happy and grateful for her recognition, and she continues to work hard in her craft.

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All of her efforts pay off though as she won yet another award, and it happens to be her first Best Actress award! Yam received the recognition at the Gawad Pilipino Awards, and she looked absolutely stunning in her vintage couture dress!

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Congratulations for your first Best Actress award Yam!


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