Indeed, time flies by so fast as it is already the day before Christmas, which means people from all over the world are busy preparing for the most beautiful time of the year!

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Twinkling lights, Christmas songs, and festive decorations are everywhere to celebrate the special occasion, not to mention the delicious smell of food being cooked for Noche Buena.

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It is a very merry Christmas indeed, specially if you’ve already checked off all the boxes on your to buy list for presents. But if you haven’t done that yet, then there’s nothing to worry about because here are some gift ideas inspired by the ever so dashing Multimedia Prince, James Reid!

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He’s got you covered for some practical Christmas presents in the form of eyewear.

First off is the very cool Delta sunnies.

Go for a movie actor look with a pair of Lottie sunnies!

How about a sporty vibe?

Spice up any outfit with a pair of Xenia sunnies!

Look cute and trendy with these specs!

In search for a classy but stylish pair of specs? The Davis is a perfect match!

Get the cool and mysterious vibe with The Beckett!

Go for a unique ‘sportswear meets space age’ look with the Space Jam collection, consisting of The Balt, The Mav, The Rex, and The Niko sunnies!

How about that for a great selection of eyewear to gift your family, friends, and loved ones this Christmas, aye?

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Have a very merry Christmas, and good luck on your last minute shopping!

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