With the current situation the country is facing, many entertainment outlets and events are either closed for the meantime or canceled entirely. As Filipinos find new ways to entertain and be entertained, the use of the internet and other digital platforms increased. Viva hopes to utilize and ride the digital trend with Vivamax, the biggest digital content library of Filipino movies, TV series, and original content.


Set to open soon, Vivamax will contain various content from all genres that are produced and co-produced by Viva. From action, comedy, drama, horror, romance, concerts, documentaries, and live events. It will also feature content from Viva’s partners. Its also set to contain Tagalog dubbed version of Asia and Hollywood’s blockbuster content.

In a post by Vivamax on Twitter, the page gave a quick preview of the site’s interface.


The Vivamax experience will be: non-stop video streaming, creating watchlists, Vivamax Originals, and the perk of having the biggest Filipino content library on your mobile phone or laptop.

So, if you’re a Filipino fond of local films produced by Viva back then and now, Vivamax will definitely be your next most used app.

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