Sam Concepcion and Louise Delos Reyes are two of the very talented Filipino artists of this generation, and they continue to thrive as a versatile actor and actress.


Sam and Louise recently worked together in the much-awaited movie adaptation of Marcelo Santos III’s “Para Sa Broken Hearted,” which was well-received by its viewers.

Louise gives life to the character of Kath who meets Dan, portrayed by Sam, during a time when she is mending a broken heart. Their characters shared a lot of adventures together, one being a trip to Enchanted Kingdom.

What goes behind-the-scenes is always fun to see, specially when the stars themselves are enjoying their time on set. For instance, Sam and Louise seem to have really enjoyed their taping at Enchanted Kingdom.

The two of them tried out different rides, had a good laugh, and enjoyed each other’s company while their characters, Kath and Dan, made the viewers fall in love.


You can watch Sam and Louise’s Enchanted Kingdom kulitan here!

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