Donnalyn Bartolome’s Funny Lubluban Challenge


If you’re looking for kwelang content on Youtube, Donnalyn Bartolome is your girl! It’s almost as if she has a sixth sense for knowing what fans would enjoy – and what would eventually trend or go viral.


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This time, she brought her gal pals, Jelai Andres and Zeinab Harake, along with her to do a Q & A Lubluban challenge, wherein the girls would take turns dipping their faces in containers filled with water (two of which has live catfish and goldfish).

Here are some underwater snapshots of the three:

Underwater cam: Jelai Andres
Underwater Cam: Donnalyn Bartolome
Underwater Cam: Zeinab Harake

The DoLaiNab friendship may have been put to the test by this challenge, but it was obvious that the girls knew each other very well, as they gave swift answers to each of the questions.

Donnalyn Bartolome also recently made a trending vlog wherein she reshot some viral Tiktok dances – but did it underwater. She’s turning out to be quite the mermaid, this girl! (See: Kakaibabe Donnalyn Bartolome, Now An Underwater Tiktok Queen!)

You can watch her Lubluban challenge vlog here:

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