Actor Dodit Mulyanto stars in the Indonesian remake of the Philippine blockbuster hit “Kita Kita” in 2017, which starred Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez and was produced by Viva Films and Spring Films. The romantic comedy film which swept the box office was directed by Sigrid P. Bernardo!

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Dodit Mulyanto stars in Cinta Itu Buta alongside actress Shandy Aulia, directed by Rachmania Arunita.

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In light of this film’s funny and beautiful story of love, Indonesian star Dodit Muntalyo expresses his love by teaching you how to say “I Love You” in different Filipino dialects and foreign languages!

Check it out below:

Dodit Mulyanto of Cinta Itu Buta says "I Love You" in different languages

Dodit Mulyanto, the star of the Indonesian film Cinta Itu Buta, teaches you how to say "I Love You" in Tagalog, Ilonggo, Japanese, German and more!Cinta Itu Buta starring Shandy Aulia and Dodit Mulyanto is based on the Philippine box office hit Kita Kita, NOW SHOWING in cinemas nationwide!

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Cinta Itu Buta (Love is Blind) is now showing in Philippines cinemas! Don’t miss it!

Watch the full trailer below:

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