Over the recent years, actress and now vlogger Andi Eigenmann has come to know and love her curly crowning glory. Now, she finally got to talk about the products and tricks she’s been doing now to keep her hair healthy.

  1. Get to know ‘Clean Beauty’ products

Andi talks about her switch to products that are ‘clean beauty’ which she defines as “non-toxic, good-for-you ingredients, and having transparent labels,”

She also shared how she used to only use products with ingredients she understands or knows the meaning of. She has even gone to a point of making the products herself at home!

“Scientists have definitely discovered a lot of these ingredients that we may not understand the meaning of but doesn’t mean they are harmful to us,” the actress admitted.

2. Avoid unnecessary hair styling

Andi advises to not get into too much hairstyling. In a previous video, she mentioned how hair styling and hair coloring damaged her hair. She also mentions “free radicals” which are everyday stuff we can’t avoid that causes hair damages like pollution and heat from the sun.

3. Have the right tools

The actress recommends two types of combs for curly hair—a big tooth comb and a wooden paddle brush.

According to Andi, big tooth combs keeps the curly hair untangled and looking neat without ruining the curls. She also uses a wooden paddle brush for her scalp and the type of hair she has now (which unfortunately isn’t as big and curly as it was before).

4. Go for scrunchies or hair claws!

Scrunchies or hair claws won’t damage or pull any strands of hair, unlike the common elastic bands. Andi reminded us that the tight elastic bands are also not good for the environment.

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