Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez confirmed that she will truly be working with her ‘anak’ in showbiz, the Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo.

She shared it in an interview with ABS-CBN News. She mentioned the projects that she will be doing now that she is a Kapamilya.

(c) ABS-CBN News

A member of the press asked if she will be working with Sarah, Regine was quick to reply, “Yes. Hindi lang chance, mangyayari talaga pero hindi pa ngayon.”

(c) ABS-CBN News

Sarah and Regine’s performances together is what everyone looks forward to. But to work in a project together, that truly is something!

Regine and Sarah have been close since the latter’s early years in showbiz when she won the TV singing competition “Star for a Night,” wherein Regine was a host.

Let us all watch out!

Meanwhile, here is one of their best performances together:

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