With her great acting abilities, Bela Padilla has been known for her remarkable roles in film and tv, where she excellently showed different kinds of emotions. But it does not end when the cameras stop rolling because this quarantine, she unraveled another side of herself – being a writer.

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Channeling her creativity, Bela filled another page in her notebook as she turned her feelings into words through her own song called “NIGHTTIME.” amid the pandemic. According to her, the track “perfectly describes” how it feels to be in love and to fall out of love during the summer lockdown.

The actress brought something new to the table when sat down to play the piano while performing the song on her latest YouTube video shot by filmmaker Ulrich Cazin. Wearing a glittery strawberry dress, Bela showcased her raw yet sweet vocals that can pass up as a lullaby as she sang “You always speak so much, too many words. No no no space to listen. I watched you look although it hurts. Look away, look away again.”

Bela’s good friend and singer-songwriter Marion Aunor created the melody for the Viva artist’s heartrending lyrics that gave birth to the sad and melancholic yet beautiful and calming piece.

Get addicted to “NIGHTTIME.” until you cannot stop humming it by watching the video below!




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