Women are strong.

Women should be united as one.

ALL women are EMPOWERED.

This day is dedicated to women from all over the globe as they continue to slay in their own fields and industries!

In the Philippine entertainment industry, a lot of female artists are thriving in their respective careers, therefore inspiring other women to rise up.

Viva artists like Nadine Lustre, Sarah Geronimo, Anne Curtis, Yassi Pressman, Sarah Lahbati, Andi Eigenmann, among other empowered female stars continue to encourage people with their success stories and advocacies.

Nadine Lustre is very vocal about what she stands for. She supports the Greenpeace advocacy against plastic pollution to protect the environment. The actress also strives to help people who suffer from anxiety and depression by giving positive and uplifting words. And, of course, she believes and encourages women to “uplift each other, not bring each other down.”

(c) andreisuleik

Sarah Geronimo‘s phenomenal fame and success continue to inspire other people to pursue their dreams no matter how daunting it can be. Her incredible talent and humility amidst stardom amazes, not only her fans, but also other young artists like Claudia Barretto. The Popstar Royalty encourages women and all the Filipinos with her once in a lifetime accomplishments, such as performing at the historic Papal visit in United Arab Emirates.

(c) sarahgeronimoshots

Anne Curtis works hard to empower women by producing quality cosmetic products to achieve an ‘uncomplicated beauty.’ She is a National Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), and she even participated at the 2018 London Marathon for the benefit of Filipino children. Not to mention, the actress also has her own foundation called Dream Machine, which aims to make other people’s dreams come true.

(c) annecurtissmith

Yassi Pressman continues to uplift women by inspiring them to turn their dreams into a reality. The actress herself continues to explore different fields in the entertainment industry. Aside from acting, she has been working on her music, and she recently released a beautiful song entitled “Sa Wakas.” She also encourages people to strive for happiness with her very own book called “Say Yass to Happiness.”

(c) yassipressman

Sarah Lahbati is one of the super moms in showbiz who continue to prove that motherhood is not a hindrance to pursing your career and vice versa. Aside from her projects, the actress has a blog wherein she tackles about family life, motherhood, and other lifestyle topics. She also encourages people to be happy and healthy in the mind and body.

(c) sarahlahbati

Andi Eigenmann is another super mom who is expecting a new blessing! The actress is an advocate of body positivity as she continues to show that women of all shapes and sizes should be proud of their bodies. Aside from being a loving and caring mother, she is also a passionate surfer, and of course, an award-winning actress.

(c) andieigengirl

It is amazing, indeed, how these women, among other female stars, have a positive impact on others to be better and do more, not only for one’s self, but also for the greater good.

Remember to continue sharing love and positivity today and beyond.


Happy International Women’s Day!


Celebrate women with this month’s must-watch movies! Nadine Lustre’s coming-of-age film “Ulan” will be showing in cinemas nationwide on the 13th of March while Cristine Reyes’ action movie “MARIA” will be showing on March 27.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailers here!


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