Juggling both her career, current life in Australia and as a mom of the adorable Dahlia, model and actress Anne Curtis’ priority is her 9th-month-old baby above anything else. Even in exercising!

In a recent video posted on Instagram, Anne was seen in her workout clothes doing exercising while pushing Dahlia’s baby stroller back and forth. Dahlia’s stroller acted as Anne’s exercise machine!

Anne expressed her happiness for being able to multitask her mom duties with her personal one. She also thanked Melissa Wood, a workout personality on Instagram known for incorporating her workouts with mom duties.

Squeezing in a workout is always tricky now that I have my little one. So happy to discover this fun way of working out while going on my daily walks with Dahlia. Thanks for the inspo @melissawoodhealth! It’s soooo good!” Anne wrote.

Everyone who sees the actress on social media knows that besides her passion for acting, and hosting (singing as well) Anne maintains a very active and healthy lifestyle. She often posts workout videos on her Instagram stories exercising alone or with celebrity friends.

An Anne-galing moment here!

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