Doing household chores are needed to keep the home clean and in order, but no one can deny it’s dread for most. Good thing Anne Curtis found a way to make household chores great again—rampANNE.

Today January 8, the actress shared on Instagram a clip of her hanging clothes outside an obvious sunny morning in Australia while ‘Vogue’ by Madonna is played on the background. As she finishes, still in her bathrobe, the actress struts in the middle opening her arms wide.

“Don’t forget to rampa when you’re done,” Anne wrote in the video.

She describes the clip as making sampay as stylish as posibble.

“Good Morning Playtime! ☀️ Household chores but make it fun! Sampay but fashyown! ✨ #RampANNE”


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This isn’t the first time that Anne made fun twists to her errands. One of her most recent that is just like this one is using Dahlia’s stroller while putting Dahlia to sleep as exercising equipment. See? Hitting two birds with one stone!


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Make the most out of the things you do, just like Anne here.

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